Striving to capture your connection in a beautiful imagery that will warm your heart for years to come

I shot my first wedding in July 2008. After I sat and edited the photographs, I fell in love with all the memories I got from that day. It was so special to capture these unique, intimate moments and relive them through my photos.

 Photography is such a powerful tool, and that’s exactly what I want to share with you. I love being a part of your special day - being a fly on the wall and preserving those in-between emotions and moments. It’s all in those little details for me, and with me, you won’t miss anything.

Been around the world but made Minnesota my home


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I have a degree in photography from Minneapolis Community and Technical College. Since then, I have helped photographers shoot weddings, so I gained a lot of experience  before I started shooting on my own. Besides weddings, I do lifestyle, family sessions, and small business branding. Through these shots I've learned how to make people comfortable in front of the camera, capture light and make good photos. I am also a mom of three kiddos, so if you need someone who is good at multitasking and balancing multiple tasks, I am your person!

My photography journey 

Maddi + Kurt

"She kept me calm all day and took the most beautiful shots! "

Maddi + Kurt

"She kept me calm all day and took the most beautiful shots! "

Maddi + Kurt

"She kept me calm all day and took the most beautiful shots! "

As your Minnesota photographer, I value the connection between people. I want to capture your raw emotions without weird or stiff poses.  My favorite thing is to catch the  sparkle in your eyes when you look at your love,
the wind blowing into your hair, the warmth of sunset light glowing on your skin, even the tiniest smile hiding in the corner of your lips.

I know how to make you relaxed in front of the camera and enjoy the experience.

I am not expecting you to be models in posing

I will show up with a good energy and fit in with the rest of your tribe

Your focus should be on celebrating your day. My job is to tell your story perfectly so each detail and memory will be there for you to relish. You chose everything with such care - I am here to show that.

I want to create memories that last a lifetime

I will meet with you one to two times before your wedding day to make sure all the details are perfect. During COVID I've been calling my clients online and meeting in-person for the engagement session. I want to know you both, talk to you and see how you connect so on your "Big Day" we are mot strangers - we're friends. I want to understand your body language so I can find the best angles and poses for your photos. I am always here to listen to your needs too and try to create something new and unique just for you.

My role here is to be more than a photographer.

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Each day is so fun and special for me! I love brainstorming ideas for your venue, looking at sneak peeks of your dress (making sure no one else sees it), watching your friends squeal at the dress reveal, looking at your Pinterest inspiration board.... I'm here to plan your dream wedding.

I come with joy and excitement to each wedding

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I Can't wait to make your day even more special