What every bride deserves on her wedding day is to be stress-free. That is why I am always by your side, ready to help with the timeline or connecting you with other vendors. I value connection with you as a couple, knowing body language and giving you all the tips to help you feel more […]

Guide For Your Easy Wedding Day

Preserving the beautiful bond between a mother and her children in bright and airy photographs is the ultimate gift for treasuring your most cherished memories. Capture the essence of Mother’s Day with love-filled moments and timeless photos💖 Join us for our exclusive Mother’s Day mini sessions at our cozy studio nestled in NE Minneapolis. Each […]

Mother’s Day Mini Session | The Perfect Gift in Minneapolis!

Congratulations with you new family member, in this article you will find some things I want you to know before you schedule your newborn session: Make sure you have a few simple white bodysuits. We like to play and sometimes get messy, having a few basic white bodysuits ensure your baby will always be ready! […]

What to expect from home newborn session.

from Minnesota based wedding photographer Here is a helpful guide on  preparing for your wedding day! Wedding day timeline tips:  When you are planning your timeline, here are some tips I found helpful: Buffer time: Make sure you have 10-15 minutes room between every important moment, so if anything goes out of plan, you are […]

Tips for your wedding day timeline

As a wedding photographer, I’ve seen a lot of tears and stress from flower girls and ring bearers throughout the years. I want to give you some helpful tips and ideas to ease the nerves of your flower girls and ring bearers on your Wedding day.  I was shooting a wedding and they did a […]

Wedding tip: How to keep your flower girl calm! 

If you want to turn mediocre shots into something extraordinary, you must get a firm grip over several angles that add more creativity to each click. Yes, it takes some time and experience to bring yourself to that stage of professionalism; however, if you use these angles, you will get there quickly.

It’s okay if you don’t know how to use your camera too well because taking pictures from different angles is super easy. But, of course, you have to learn to move your camera up and down for the hint of creativity!

Take a Look at These Flawless Photography Angles

It is truly a pleasure to work with people from diverse backgrounds and with different personalities. It is fulfilling to meet such amazing individuals, but a greater challenge awaits when faced with people who are uncomfortable or nervous during shoots. Today, we will dive deeper into why people shy away from cameras so much and how photographers can make them feel better.

Tips and Tricks to Help People Feel Comfortable During a Photoshoot

Portrait photography is one of the greatest joys of a photographer’s life. These clicks are lovely because they depict a person’s personality and a story within the picture without saying a word. Portraits are stunning; they remind people of who they are and encourage them to appreciate their beauty. So, to establish a firm foot in the market as a photographer, you need to perfect the art of clicking portraits. Let’s dive into some great tricks to do that!

5 Important Tricks to Capture Great Portraits

Many of you might not know this, but there are multiple photography styles that you can choose from! Unfortunately, photographers mistake following in someone else’s footsteps at times which seldom works. It’s good to have role models, but find out where your strength lies as a photographer.

Say Hello to Different Photography Styles

It is officially the wedding season, and you know what that means! Plenty of wedding shoots and unique photographs. Many photographers dread the fact that they will have to edit hundreds of photos. Let’s face it; editing is the most crucial aspect of photography.

Some Basic Editing Tips for Photography Enthusiasts