Wedding tip: How to keep your flower girl calm! 

As a wedding photographer, I’ve seen a lot of tears and stress from flower girls and ring bearers throughout the years. I want to give you some helpful tips and ideas to ease the nerves of your flower girls and ring bearers on your Wedding day. 

I was shooting a wedding and they did a really awesome job keeping the flower girls busy and quiet during the ceremony.

The girls were different ages and the parents knew that it might be slightly overwhelming for them to sit for the whole ceremony.

They made cute activity pouches with some kid friendly make up, coloring books, and fidgets so the flower girls would sit quietly for the ceremony. Their parents showed the girls their activity pouches right before walking down the isle. This way the girls knew that after walking down, they would come to their seat and a tiny surprise would be waiting for them.

We can practice in advanced but once the crowd is seated, some nervousness might appear. This is a good trick to ease the nerves for your young flower girls.

For the more shy flower girls- we had her focus on bringing a small toy to the person who was waiting for her at the end of the isle. This way she could focus on the tiny steps and not be too afraid of the big crowd.

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