Love is not cancelled during the Corona Times

We all are in this current situation and it affects everybody, and I can’t imagine how much stress you might have on your shoulders right now. Me, personally as a wedding photographer have never been into so much writing and emails as I am right now, shuffling all the available dates, postponing sessions, moving the wedding dates… and I am dreaming of those times, when we all can go back to normal routines, see all our friends, go to favorite places to get some new experiences.

The thing I want to tell you that the love is not cancelled by the virus, and I am here for you, if you are looking for the wedding photographer in 2021 and  even shy to tell your friends about it, or you just have some extra time to start looking for a wedding photographer for the next year – I am here, I can give you some tips and help during 40 minus free consultation.

During past weeks I did some engagement sessions, of course we went to the park with no people around, we keep the safe distance in between and it was so good to be outside for a walk during the engagement session.


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