The Wedding Bells Are Finally Ringing!

Hannah and Alexander’s Wedding was a Visual Delight!

Weddings are one of the most special days of a couple’s life; they are about to start a new chapter of their lives with another person. There is joy, love, and a little bit of nervousness that every couple feels. So let’s talk about the beautiful journey of Hannah and Alexander, who are head-over-heels in love with each other and tied the knot on the 29th of August 2021.




Popping the Question

Let’s say convincing the bride of the groom’s love wasn’t an easy task at all! Alexander had to take all this time to prove his love until he popped the question a few months ago, and the wedding bells started ringing!


The next step for them was planning the wedding amidst the COVID-19 season, which is never easy. Dodging the curveballs of all these challenges like last-minute changes, picking the perfect venue, and adjusting to certain dining requirements was not easy, but their friends and family were there for the couple every step of the way.


The Invitations

The wedding invitations were gorgeous. The simplicity and elegance of each of these invitations just left me speechless. The couple opted for a sweet and simple invitation card with a decent font that everyone can read easily. Let’s not forget what a lovely job @paperockscissor has done by customizing the invitations for the couple by printing their initials on the cards.


The consistency and quality of the cards are spot-on. Imagine if the invitations are so perfect, how amazing must their wedding ceremony have been? Let’s dive deeper into their big day to see how they planned it all so well.

The Bride’s Look

Brides are always super excited about their wedding look, and so is Hannah. She chose @ladyvampartistry for her hair and makeup. The makeup was subtle and natural to give her the perfect bridal glow, and her hair was loosely pinned back as those gorgeous waves rested on her shoulders. @sherryfredkove knows how to work up the magic to make a bride’s day even more beautiful.



The Ceremony

The ceremony was elegant, graceful, and sophisticated. The décor was gorgeous because @sadiesfloral had put in much effort to find the perfect flowers and make wonderful flower bunches add to the venue’s beauty.



Speaking of the venue, the couple fell in love with @renaissancempls. It exudes luxury and feels like one is living in a rich historical moment. More than that, the wedding space is wide, accommodating, and quite breathtaking. With the help of @lastingimpressionsweddings, the couple was able to turn this space into the ideal luxury setting for their wedding.



@angelfoodmn was ready to make the guests delve into the delicious dishes and the yummy desserts. Every bite was worth the wait! @bluewaterkingsband was also ready with their perfect tunes and beats. The high energy and premium music blew life to the event.



It’s a Wrap!

Yes, planning weddings can be a challenge, but if you have the right people by your side, then it becomes as beautiful as you ever imagined. I thoroughly enjoyed my photography sessions with the lovely couple and their guests.


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