Here Are Some Great Wedding Photography Tips for Beginners

Are you another newbie photographer who is utterly lost about where to start? Do wedding shoots make you nervous? Are you also looking for tips and tricks to ace photography in a short time? Then this is the perfect place for you!



Take a Good Look at the Location Beforehand

Many photographers mistake stepping in at the location at the last minute, and it can cost them some great photographs. So make sure you check the site out beforehand to see where natural light falls best, where to place your equipment, and plan a few poses too.

Make Sure You Know Your Gear!

Holding a camera to make a few clicks isn’t enough for photography. You must know every mode, shutter speed, Speedlite flash, memory card folder, canon EF 70-200 mm f/2.8, and every other camera control that there is. If you don’t pay attention to the specifics, you will never learn to take good pictures.


Keep Changing the Lens

With wedding shoots, you have to capture candid moments and make sure the couple feels comfortable. Sometimes photographers are too close to them, which makes them nervous, and their bodies become stiff, so get a longer lens to shoot from a distance. Then, crop the extra rather than photo shooting fake smiles.


Try to Get to Know the Couple

Wedding shoots are the best if you’re acquainted with the couple. Prepare a set of casual questions and seek answers to them by chatting with the couple. Who knows, you might get inspiration for amazing poses and a story to depict through the images.



Focus on the Details

Little things matter the most. But, of course, you can’t ignore the flower bouquets, the rings, the hair, the ties, and other details about the couple. These little elements of festivity deserve appreciation, so make sure you don’t forget to take close-ups!




Proper Lighting Matters A lot

Sometimes light reflecting off of surfaces can tint the image, stealing the perfect look away from it. Try to practice photography without a flash when it’s an indoor shoot, and keep a light diffuser with you to prevent the tint dilemma.


Shooting in RAW Works Best

You might be confused between GPEG, PNG, and RAW formats. Well, with wedding shoots, Raw gives you more flexibility to edit the image because you can’t alter lighting at a wedding shoot.

the_depot_lastingimpressionsweddings    81665.JPG

the_depot_lastingimpressionsweddings    81687.JPG

You Need a Tripod

A tripod is great for offering stability, and you can tinker with the lights and even take amazing group shoots, thanks to the added stability. So, make sure you have a decent tripod before you step out for a photoshoot.



Keep the Extras

Photographers are sometimes in such a rush that they don’t forget much equipment. There are chances one thing, or the other might stop working, so make sure you keep extras with you like an extra camera, an extra lens, and so on.


Bottom Line

These are the first few simple tips to get you started. It will take some time for you to get used to them, and you will be a pro before you know it!


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