10 Ideas for Minnesota Winter Engagement Shoots

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  1. For cold temperatures, like we have in Minnesota – think layers! this is the key!

  2. Grab a cute blanket, I do love wrap couples as burrito (joking) and take those close to each other photos, while you are warming up.

  3. I suggest picking at least 3 colors for your photos. Think of having at least one color that will make your photos pop. As you decide on the colors, think of your photos as art work. Since photos will most likely be displayed, pick colors that will also work well with where you will display them.

  4. Pick one printed pattern. From that outfit, go ahead and pull the colors out of that outfit and distribute it. You can distribute this by getting a plaid shirt, or a putting the colors into layers. This could either be from skirts, to boots, cardigans, and even shoes! Mix and match.

  5. Just as important it is to find accessories for the head, such as hair bows, head bands, hats, fedoras, it’s also important to prioritize shoes. Wear shoes that are not going to take away from the outfits.

    There are also colors to avoid. Anything that is fluorescent do not photograph well. Red is good, but think more burgundy, and less fire truck red. Green is a good color, but avoid anything in the kelly green shade. The reason for this is that these colors tend to cast on skin, then giving the appearance of skin to be that color. Neon yellow skin is not fun!

  7. A lot of stores will offer help to styling you and your family. Stores like the JCREW, Gap, H&M, and Nordstrom are some stores that will help out coordinating outfits for you and your family.

    Dress for the weather! Prepare backup outfits, coats, cardigans, or jackets in case the weather all of a sudden changes on us!

  8. As I suggested earlier, prepare for weather. Things can change, so always have a backup outfit
    just in case it changes on us. Don’t over or under dress. It’s not something that I can do to take out goosebumps or beads of sweat.

  9. Now in case of rain, or heavy snow, I will cancel if 2 hours prior to me leaving for our session, the weather is still unruly. As for overcast days, I do not cancel on them. We will just shoot without full sun as long as rain isn’t in the forecast. Overcast days actually make for pretty good photo days.

  10. Talk to me, if you are comlitely cold or hate cold temperatures, there is always an option to hide inside of the coffeeshop or a tiny street mall.


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