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Tell the story of this event, its unique challenges, and what you did to give them the wedding of their dreams.

Introduce the couple and how they came to find you. Did you meet through another vendor? Did they find you through The Knot? This is a great chance to backlink to those other vendors or suppliers.

Share this couples' unique desires or concerns. Elaborate a bit on how you discovered what these were. And be sure to show empathy - expressing how you let the couple know that you heard them.

Then begin to share a bit about your process. And how you were uniquely capable of solving their dilemma or achieving their desire.

A paragraph detailing this event, its unique challenges, and how you were able to provide the best service.


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Katy + Sam

"A detailed testimonial from the couple highlighting how you were able to serve them in creating an unmatched experience. Use as much space as you need to highlight all of the key points and valuable feedback."

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