The depot, MINNEapolis

Morgan + Frank

Weddings are one of the most special days of a couple's life; they are about to start a new chapter of their lives with another person. There is joy, love, and a little bit of nervousness that every couple feels. So let's talk about the beautiful journey of Morgan and Frank, who are head-over-heels in love with each other and tied the knot on the 15th of October 2021. 

After the proposal and engagement the next step for them was planning the wedding amidst the COVID-19 season, which is never easy. Dodging the curveballs of all these challenges like last-minute changes, picking the perfect venue, and adjusting to certain dining requirements was not easy, but their friends and family were there for the couple every step of the way.

Elegant, bright and airy wedding day at the Hotel Depot, Minneapolis.


Katy + Sam

"A detailed testimonial from the couple highlighting how you were able to serve them in creating an unmatched experience. Use as much space as you need to highlight all of the key points and valuable feedback."

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