What to expect from home newborn session.

Congratulations with you new family member, in this article you will find some things I want you to know before you schedule your newborn session:

Make sure you have a few simple white bodysuits. We like to play and sometimes get messy, having a few basic white bodysuits ensure your baby will always be ready!

When I come, I’ll start with those photos right away when your baby is dressed. Some babies don’t like to be changed and cry when they do get undressed. Keep this in mind with outfit changes and elements in the photoshoot.

To ensure a flawless photo session, make sure your baby is fed before the photographer’s arrival. If your feeding schedule does not align with the photographers, let us know and we will work something out.

Dress your family in your favorite colors but avoid any neon tones. It changes the skin tones and does not photograph well. I recommend earthly tones such as white beige, light blue, etc… For family photos I also recommend being bearfoot for the photos.

Before the session, take note of the light in your house. Where does the light shine more, where are the shadows, get familiar with the lighting so that we can find the best spot to take photos. At the time of the session, find the room with the most natural lighting, then send me some photos from your phone so I can see where we will be shooting. We will take photos in the room of choice but I like to take portraits near a window with the best lighting. Make sure this room is warm and comfortable for the baby to be held in the parents hands. Photos look best when everyone is comfortable! Keep the environment quite and calm, the baby feels when there is stress in the air, put on a diffuser and watch your baby feel good in front of the camera.

An important thing to remember: Relax! This is an exciting and joyful experience that should not be stressful. I will be here working with your family, if your baby needs to eat, we have enough time, if you need to change outfits, we have enough time for that- I am not going to leave in an hour if I don’t get the photos. If you have a toddler or other siblings, I prefer to start a session with them and the new baby, while they are aware of me and I can hold their interest. It usually takes the first 20 minutes and after that I’ll let the older kids go and I’ll focus on the new baby. They might show more interest later and come back to the session but I prefer to not force other siblings for the photos but instead I try to connect with them by asking questions about school and favorite desserts.

You should discuss with your photographer whether you want awake photos or sleeping photos and plan your day according to that.

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